Our company cooperates with more than c 200 companies around the world, while having a spotless reputation.



Now, in our warehouse, you can see products of more than 50 top brands, also our brand.



During the years of searching in the professional delivery of goods, we identified the most professional companies.

Our company is in the market of bearings more than 20 years.
The company has extensive experience working with clients in the following areas:
- sale in all regions of Russia;
- sale of goods for export;
- sale of specialized and highly specialized bearings imported
LTD "Volga-Bearings" is a reliable business partner. We are looking for new business partners and we are ready to cooperate!
On its own territory, our company has warehouses and administrative facilities. In our warehouse we always have in stock more than 10,000 items of bearings from more than 50 brands.
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